Financial planning protection


noun  /ōTH/ an affirmative promise about the future

We take an oath to put your interests first, without conflicts, to create your ideal financial plan.
So you can protect your financial future for yourself and for the people you love.

What’s your oath?

Where do you want to be financially in the future?  What goals do you have?  For yourself?  For your family?

Deciding to hire a financial advisor should be easy.

Unfortunately, the financial industry has developed over hundreds of years, employing brokers and agents who get paid commissions and hidden fees, making it nearly impossible for you to know what you pay and more importantly what value you get.

Oath Planning is Different…

Fiduciary Advice

Oath Planning is lead by investment and estate planning attorneys. As attorneys and investment advisors, we are held to a fiduciary standard.

That means we must put your interests before ours, we must disclose all fees. Unlike most advisors in the industry, we are not affiliated with a broker dealer, which means we get paid no commissions or kick-backs and there are no backroom deals.

Affordable Fees

Financial planning shouldn’t be a luxury only for the wealthy. Fees should never be fuzzy. Do you even know what you pay in that old 401k, or IRA you never rolled over? Do you even know if your current advisor is getting kick-backs or commissions?

Fees make a big difference to the return your investments get. That’s why we believe in transparent fees.

Our overall fees for all the advice we give are less than the average, everyday mutual fund.

Holistic Planning

Oath Planning can coordinate your financial planning, investment management, portfolio allocation, estate planning, tax planning, asset protection, and family protection all in house.

Or, if you are currently working with other professionals, we can coordinate your planning between professionals, so that your family has the best possible plan.


Our Approach

Most people dabble with their financial life, paying attention only when times are really good or really bad, and they pay an enormous price for it.

Specifically Designed, Custom Financial Plans

Other advisors sell products. At Oath Planning we provide our clients custom financial plans, specifically designed for them, taking into consideration their family’s unique assets and circumstances. And, as our client’s lives change, we routinely monitor, rebalance, and adjust.


Other advisors try to time the market, pick winners, and put you in complex investments that are almost impossible to understand. At Oath Planning we don’t experiment with your money. We focus on minimizing fees, reducing tax, and diversifying your investments in low cost funds that you can understand. Most importantly, our recommendations are based on evidence and stand on unbiased academic research.


Wealth and Investment Management

After years of working with clients with hundreds of thousands of dollars and those with hundreds of millions of dollars, we have seen a lot and become experts at most.

We have deep knowledge of assets types, like CDs, IRAs, 401ks, real estate, oil and gas interests, even aircraft ownership. We also have a broad understanding of business interests, corporate structure, tax planning, and insurance and risk management.

Oath Planning’s financial advisors are uniquely equipped to plan and manage your investments and wealth.



Estate Planning and Asset Protection

Few firms can match Oath’s ability to plan your estate and protect your legacy for the people you love. Oath Planning’s affiliated firm Oath Law has crafted trust and will estate plans for thousands of clients.

Oath Law knows how to plan your estate to keep it simple, so what you have worked so hard to earn and save, goes to your loved-ones with the least amount of stress, confusion, taxes, attorneys fees, and court costs.

Oath is uniquely equipped to manage your wealth and investments and to plan your estate, making sure everything works together.


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